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“Advocating for racial inclusivity, body positivity and more diversity within the arts.” 

Mikaela Morisato

Mikaela Morisato  is a dance artist, choreographer and founder of MORISATO. Her dance background comprises 20 years of concert and commercial dance styles, alongside improv development and choreographic composition. Mikaela's studies led her to Israel in 2018 where she trained extensively with Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company and other companies such as Vertigo Dance Company and Batsheva Dance Company. Throughout her career, she has had the privilege of performing works by artists from Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch, Barak Marshall Dance Theatre, Cullberg and more. Based in New York City, Mikaela has danced for Peter & Co, Lenora Lee Dance, Mignolo, Nathaniel’s Dance Collective and independent contemporary artists. Her personal work has been premiered on various stages such as “Her” 2018 at the Zichri Theater, Israel, and “All of Us” 2019 at the Midtown Arts & Theater Center, Houston, Texas. In creation of MORISATO, her choreography has been commissioned through Mare Nostrum Elements 2022, SMUSH Gallery 2019-2022, Metuchen Arts Council 2020 and several musical artists. Mikaela focuses on creating accessibility with every new endeavor by sharing her artistic experience of live performance, digital media and film production within the art industry.

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