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First Installment Original Cast:

Mikaela Morisato

Liana Zhen-ai Kleinman

Ragin Smith

Runtime: 10 Minutes

Estimated full runtime: 45-60 minutes

2022-Present Live Performance Work



presents an exploration of relations through musicality as a “gripping” and “visceral” aura of motion that transcends our elusive consciousness. What could movement look like if our interactions were solely controlled by musical influence? What if music had the authority to diminish physical limitation and detachment?

Performance history:

  • Arts On Site curated by Michelle Thompson Ulerich in Manhattan, New York. February 4, 2023

  • Dance On The Lawn at Montclair Public Library in Montclair, New Jersey. September 10, 2022

  • Mare Nostrum Element's Emerging Choreographer Series #9 at LaGuardia Performing Arts Center in Queens, New York. April 26-27, 2022

2022-Present Screendance Project

TWO (In the editing stage)

A contemporary film accompanied by original writing and score to accompany a journey of relations and dependency. To fall in love and to fall within love.

Dancers: Dylon Cedillo, Mikaela Morisato

Runtime: 13 Minutes

2022 Screendance Project


A contemporary film that synchronizes dance movement and VFX to explore a demisexual experience. To represent an interpretation of queer, feminine identity between two dancers, the film focuses on developing emotional connection before observation.


Director/Choreographer: Mikaela Morisato

Dancers: Melissa Anderson, Madison Pineda

Editor: Brooks Houser

Camera Operator: David Rockoff

1st Assistant Camera: Lloyd Lenox

Key Grip: Robert Lak

Music: emptyset, used with permission.

Runtime: 15 Minutes

2022 Screendance, Stage Adaptation


A contemporary work that celebrates Japanese representation and cultural appreciation. In tribute to generations of Japanese-American immigrants and citizens of Japan living in America, movement that shows exciting and intense physical exertion is seen throughout the entirety of the film. Directed by Japanese choreographer Mikaela Morisato, the film explores visual interpretations that connect to personal and ancestral upbringings. Each scene challenges perceptions on traditional gender roles and physicality while following a story of political trials. Set to Japanese inspired music, “RESILIENCE” integrates the fusion of contemporary dance while presenting strength, commitment, and the necessity to uplift AAPI voices.


Director/Choreographer/Editor: Mikaela Morisato

Dancers: Mamiko Nakatsugawa, Namhui Kim,

Richard Sayama, Tsubasa Nishioka

Translation Assistants: Mamiko Nakatsugawa, Richard Sayama

Camera Operator: David Rockoff

1st Assistant Camera: Lloyd Lenox

Production Assistant: Robert Lak

Lighting: Beaudau Banks

Makeup Artist: Dana Akashi

Narrator: Jane Saeko Morisato


Dancer/Editor: Mikaela Morisato

Camera Operator: David Rockoff

1st Assistant Camera: Lloyd Lenox

Gaffer: Robert Lak

Music: "Flight From The City" by Jóhann Jóhannsson

2022 Live Performance Concept, Screendance


An improv work the displays stillness to motion within a moment. A beginning to end created without structure or timing for the individual's necessary interpretation.'

Live performance premiered February 18 & 19, 2022, as a part of "The Body As An Archive" curated by Olga Rabetskaya at SMUSH Gallery, New Jersey.


Director/Editor: Mikaela Morisato

Performers: Malik Berry, Mikaela Morisato

Videography: Lloyd Lenox

Music: "Remembrance" by Josh Kramer

Premiered September 18, 2022 as an official selection for the Mignolo International Screendance Festival.

2021 Screendance


A contemporary short film that focuses on nourishing distance through screendance. Created during an earlier stage of the pandemic, this film provides multiple story interpretations between two characters. The intention of “You Are I” is to share a moment dedicated to witnessing whatever you may need from a loving connection.

2020 Screendance


Collaboration with RS Productions.

2020 Screendance


Collaboration with RS Productions.

2020 Solo work


Live performance at Women's Day Dance Festival in Metuchen, commissioned by Mignolo Dance and 78 Moves.

2019 Live Performance (work-in-progress)


Live performance project premiered at SMUSH Moves Vol. 9, commissioned by SMUSH Gallery. Work danced by Gabriel Berger and Mikaela Morisato.

2019 Performance Commission


Work premiered at MATCH - Midtown Arts & Theater Center Houston, commissioned by Wanderlust Dance Project.

2018 Live Performance



Work premiered at the Zichri Theater in Ga’aton Israel, commissioned by Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company.

2018 Studio Project


Work on dancers in the Dance Journey program of Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company.

2017 Charity Performance



Work premiered at the 13th annual GRACE Gala commissioned by GRACE.

2017 Studio Project


Work on dancers from Artistry in Motion PAC.

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